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Removal of Conditions or ROC is the step when the conditions in your 2-year GC needs to be removed to receive the 10-year GC.  It is important to submit proofs of a bonafide marriage, a lot of people have been getting RFEs to show that their marriage was real and genuine.


When filing self-petition ROC, you do not need to wait for the 90 days before the Green Card expiration date. Just make sure USCIS receives your ROC application before your 2-year GC expires otherwise you will be subjected to deportation.


  1. If you and your spouse petitioner got divorced

  2. If your spouse petitioner dies

  3. If you were abused or was subject to extreme cruelty

Preparing the ROC Packet:


  1. Cover Letter (SAMPLE HERE)

  2. Payment of filing fee and biometrics fee of $680.00 in check or money order payable to “U.S. Department of Homeland Security”.  (SAMPLE CHECK)

  3. Form G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (this is optional but recommended so you will receive updates on your application)

  4. Duly completed and signed Form I-751, Remove Conditions on a Green Card through Marriage (SAMPLE FORM HERE)

  5. Copy of Permanent Resident Card (front and back)

  6. Copy of Biographic Page of Passport and pages with stamps

  7. Evidences of bona fide relationship:

    • Copies of joint income tax returns and W2’s for all the years that you were married. You can order your copies of tax transcripts HERE.

    • Copies of recent three (3) months statements of joint bank accounts,

    • Copies of recent three (3) months statements of different household bills - auto insurance, utilities, credit card, mortgage, etc. 

    • Copies of joint ownership or lease of properties - car or house

    • Copy of health insurance cards, showing joint policy

    • Copy of airline tickets, boarding passes and hotel reservation receipts of vacations taken

    • Copy of birth certificate of child(ren) together (if any)

    • Copy of letters and cards from family and friends addressed to both

    • Sworn affidavits of family and friends, attesting to our relationship and marriage

    • Pictures together and with family and friends with captions of date, location (city/state) and names of people in picture

Where to Send the ROC Packet:

What To Expect After Submission of ROC:

  1. In about 2 weeks, you will receive the extension letter extending your 2-year GC for about 18 months. You can use this letter for work or travel abroad together with your expiring/expired GC. Keep your extension letter in a safe place and make copies.

  2. You may or may not receive biometrics appointment. In some cases, they reuse the biometrics from the Adjustment of Status if you filed for one.
  3. The case status can be monitored using the Receipt Number on the USCIS Website
  4. If the processing time takes longer than normal, you can file for an eRequest stating that the case is outside normal processing time.
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