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We are a group of immigrants of USA who want to help our fellow kababayans during the whole immigration processes up to the transition of their lives here in America.

We are NOT Immigration Lawyers but we have experienced most of these processes first hand so we are sharing with you our knowledge. Also, please note that all information shared here should not be used as a professional advice because circumstances may vary from person to person.



Kathrine and her husband met in 2011. She applied for tourist visa and got approved in early 2012 so she visited US for almost 6 months to stay and live with her then fiance to see how life will be like in US. They applied for K1 visa petition while she was still in US and she came back to the Philippines just to wait for the K1 petition to be approved and processed. 

She traveled back to USA in early 2013 on the K1 visa and got married. She studied the whole immigration process. She just recently became a US citizen. She was the one who prepared all of her immigration applications - from the K1 petition, AOS, ROC and then naturalization with ZERO RFE. 



Dhelz and her husband met on Facebook in August 2011. After 2 years of having long distance relationship, they finally decided to settle down. They filed Fiancee visa in June 2013, got approved in November 2013 and flew to US in December 2013 with her son. When Dhelz arrived in the US, she had time to study the processing of Adjustment of Status and started helping fellow Filipinas in different Facebook groups. She is now processing for her Removal of Conditions... 



Rose and her husband met in April 2012. They were living together in the Philippines when they decided to go and live in the US, so they filed for Fiancee visa in September 2014. Rose filed for AOS shortly after arriving in USA. The AP was approved in 28 days and EAD was approved in 66 days. The AOS interview was scheduled in September 2015 but for some reason, Rose and her husband decided to come back to live in the Philippines again. They withdrew the AOS application before they left. 

Now, they want to come back and live again in USA and started a new petition - spouse petition. 



Nancy and her husband met through a common friend. After 8 months of long distance communication, they finally met in person in April 2014 and eventually he proposed to her. Nancy came in the USA on a fiancee visa in September 2015 and got married after a month. Long distance relationship is never easy but they made it. 



Roanna and her husband met in Japan in 2011 where they were both working. And after dating for a year, they decided to live together for 2 years. They then filed for Fiancé Visa petition in February 2014 and Roanna got her visa in September 2014. The following month, Roanna flew to US and got married. She is now preparing for her removal of conditions. 



Rogelyn and her husband met on a dating site in April 2014. Her now husband visited her in Philippines August of the same year and got engaged before her husband went back to the US. They filed fiancee visa in October and got the visa on hand by December. Rogelyn flew to USA December 2014. Rogelyn and her husband got married in January 2015 and they filed her Adjustment of Status March 2015 and right now she is holding her 2-year conditional green card. She is about to file for her removal of conditions in September 2017 and naturalization thereafter. All of the visa processes were done by her and her husband and they are now sharing their knowledge to those that are currently processing and in need. 

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