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Job Interview

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Even when you have done a lot of job interviews in your life, it never seems to get any easier. You have to sell yourself, your skills and you have to stay cheerful and bubbly throughout the interview.

Here are some job interview tips to help you prepare yourself:

Practice Makes Perfect

Here in America, the interview is different. They ask more situational-type questions. You need to think of specific examples of different situations that happened to you. You need to make sure you highlight your skills and show that you have great work ethics.

Some examples of interview questions are listed here.

Introduction is also important in starting the interview. Practice the things that you want to say when you are asked to introduce yourself. Keep it short and sweet. A full minute is enough for introduction.

Do Your Research

Learn about the company, its industry and the position you are applying for. This can also help you prepare questions to ask later in the interview.

Dress the Part

Make sure your interview outfit is neat and appropriate for the type of company you are interviewing with.

Be Punctual

Plan to be at the interview location at least 15 minutes before the interview so you have time to look for the specific office and to calm down before the interview.

Stay Composed

Try to stay relaxed during the interview and make sure you are communicating well with the interviewer. If you get nervous at some point, you can pause for a little bit before proceeding.

Be Yourself

Answer each question as honestly as possible.

Listen Carefully and Ask Questions

If you did not understand a question, you can ask the interviewer to repeat it so you can answer it correctly. Also, be sure to prepare a few questions to ask the interviewer to show that you are really interested in the job.


Make sure you send a Thank You Note to your interviewer for taking the time to interview you. You can also follow-up in a week or two if you still have not heard anything from them.

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